August was National Sandwich Month, so it feels appropriate to reflect on my love of the sandwich and share some ideas to inspire you to feel like an artist in your own kitchen. We are also entering back to school time. I recall from when my kids were little the challenges of the lunchbox. 

So, go ahead, get creative and play with your food—the options are limitless. Here are 5 ideas to get you started.

  1. Tempting Tuna Salad: I know, a tuna salad sandwich may not seem that inspirational. But what if you made it with your favorite mustard instead of mayo? Try adding veggies like onions, carrots, and celery into the mix. Spice it up with herbs like dill or tarragon and don’t forget the lettuce and tomato slices! I love to put this on my GF White Bread.
  2. Veggie Delight: What better way to get a large serving of vegetables then on a sandwich? Did you know chickpeas are a superfood? Add your favorite GF hummus spread for a nutritious one-two punch. Perfect for the growing kiddos. For variety, switch up the leafy greens or try red cabbage for a real crunch factor. Tomatoes, cucumbers. avocado, bell peppers, and sprouts are among my favorite extras on a veggie sandwich. To me, this healthy concoction goes best on my GF Whole Wheat Bread.
  3. Eggalicious: Spend a Sunday afternoon getting creative with egg salad and be rewarded for the rest of the school/work week. It’s an “egg-cellent” form of protein and the flavor profile can be whatever you like. Add more mustard or try dicing up your favorite pickles. Cornichons in particular are great in egg salad. Got a mixed spice like adobo you enjoy? Add it in there. Think about your favorite omelettes and bring those ingredients to your egg salad; you won’t be disappointed. Personally, I like adding spicy pickled veggies to top it off. Switch between my gluten-free white, wheat, or seeded multi-grain bread for added variety.
  4. Classically Twisted: Is your child allergic to peanuts or in a peanut-free classroom? Sunbutter is an awesome alternative! Plus, it’s pretty high in iron. Take it to the next level with my GF raisin bread. It’s delicious, if I do say so myself. As an Elvis fan, I like adding bananas to mine. Want to kick it up? Add some “hot honey” infused with peppers. So many twists you can take with this classic staple!
  5. Decadent Duo: You may have noticed, based on my GF product catalogue, that I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Start with my GF cinnamon raisin bread. Add your favorite GF chocolate/hazelnut spread. Slice up some ripe bosc pears and top with smoked honey. Mix it up with the fruit de jour. As summer fades you can substitute with dried fruit. What kid can deny eating fruit when it’s covered in a chocolate-y spread? 

If you would like to try these yummy gluten-free recipes, you can find my bread at a retailer near you, just click here for a list of our retail partners. I’m always looking for new shelves to stock with my treats. If your favorite retailer isn’t on the list, please ask your local bakery manager. My team is working hard to be on shelves near you!