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Let’s Talk About Soy

Eight foods, aka the Big 8, cause the majority of food allergies. Of those eight, peanuts, milk, and shellfish get a lot of attention, but soy is a major food allergy, especially among children, and is just as hard to avoid. In adults, soy has been associated with an immunological inflammatory condition called eosinophilic esophagitis…


Bob’s Epic Playlist

This has been a strange and challenging time for everyone!  I’ve been busy with several behind the scenes projects, like setting up distribution for my new pies, and investigating options for online ordering and shipping.  But I also love to find new ways to connect with family and friends, and one way I do that…


Stocking Your Gluten Free Pantry

In these challenging times, we are being asked to limit trips to the grocery store and that means stocking our pantries. To be prepared for cooking at home, here’s a list of gluten-free pantry staples. Flour Alternatives While the most common gluten-free flours to have on hand are white and brown rice flours, there are…


Up Next: Pies!

I’ve been busy baking up pies! In delicious Apple, Cherry and Blueberry, in the smaller 6-inch size many of you say you prefer. Would you like to see them on shelves in your hometown? Vote today!

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20 Ways to Start Your Gluten-free Lifestyle  

If living a gluten-free lifestyle is on deck for 2020, here’s a list of 20 things that will help you begin your new gluten-free diet. Understand Why – This is a big one. Some choose to eat gluten free as a dietary preference, while others with celiac disease have a very serious autoimmune disease that…


The Enigma of Wheat: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Hi, I’m Dr. Myron Brand, Clinical Professor of Medicine within the Yale Medical School and medical consultant to Goodman Gluten Free bakery. Today I want to talk about wheat and gluten in health and disease. The last 10 years have witnessed a remarkable increase in our understanding of foods, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in health…


5 Creative Sandwich Twists to Celebrate National Sandwich Month

August was National Sandwich Month, so it feels appropriate to reflect on my love of the sandwich and share some ideas to inspire you to feel like an artist in your own kitchen. We are also entering back to school time. I recall from when my kids were little the challenges of the lunchbox.  So,…

Goodman Gluten Free Cookies

Benefits of Goodman Certified Gluten Free Products

I get a lot of questions about Goodman Gluten Free baked goods, and some are easier to answer than others. “Is it good?” is answered with a bite of cookie. When it comes to my certifications, things get more detailed. Here’s a breakdown of the certifications my goodies currently carry and why they matter to…