Bob Goodman, Founder & CEO

Bob’s passionate about food. Over his 40 years in the food industry, he’s helped bring you some of the most delicious, best-loved, baked goods brands in the world. Spending a day baking with bakers is his idea of heaven. He goes into supermarkets and living rooms to meet with people like you. He wants to know what excites you and what you’re missing. That’s how he learned you like the benefits of a gluten free, dairy free lifestyle, but are disappointed by the taste.

In his quest to solve your problem, Bob turned to a family-run bakery with extensive experience baking in their dedicated gluten free, dairy free, peanut free facility. He painstakingly worked with their expert bakers to develop and perfect a line of products that satisfies your desire for great taste and his personal obsession with deliciousness. Explore the results of Bob’s passion. Experience how “Delicious Comes to Gluten Free™.”

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