Supermarkets: Goodman Gluten Free products are available at the supermarkets shown below – a total of over 4,000 individual stores. For individual store locations please click on that supermarket’s logo.

Where in the store: Look for Goodman Gluten Free in your supermarket’s fresh bakery department … although a few supermarkets prefer to display Goodman products in their frozen department.

Goodman products carried: Some of the supermarkets below carry the entire Goodman product line while others carry selected Goodman products. If a Goodman product you desire is not available at a particular store location of a supermarket shown below, please ask the store manager to add it.

“I don’t see my supermarket …” If your supermarket chain is not listed below it means Goodman is not yet carried by your supermarket chain. Please contact the supermarket’s corporate headquarters via their website and let them know you would like to see Goodman products in your store. If you get no response, please email us your supermarket’s name and location, and the specific Goodman items you’re interested in. We’ll try our best to get your supermarket chain and store to carry Goodman Gluten Free.