Goodman-Gluten-Free-Wine-BreakThere is no food that is as versatile as the cookie! Cookies are a late night snack, a reward for a job well done or as self-care after a disappointment. In short, cookies can be all things to everyone but here are five more ways cookies can improve our mood and food.


#1 – “Ice Cream” Topping
Crumbled Goodman Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies add crunch to your favorite flavor of non-dairy “ice cream.
Crumble cookies over that bowl of ice cream and you’ve added taste and texture to your treat! Chocolate chip over vanilla ice cream is my favorite, but almost any cookie works with any flavor of ice cream. Try it, thank me later.


Goodman-Gluten-Free-Assorted-Cookies#2 – Trifle Treat
A trifle is an English dessert typically featuring layers of pudding or custard, sponge, preserves and fruit. Chocoholics will enjoy layers of chocolate non-dairy pudding, non-dairy whipped cream, Goodman Chocolate Chip Cookies and fresh raspberries.Oatmeal cookies work wonders with non-dairy vanilla pudding, cinnamon aquafaba and berries. For a holiday feel, use Goodman Cranberry Oatmeal cookies and add a thin layer of candied orange peel and ginger.


#3- Decadent Decoration
Although it may seem decadent, Goodman Gluten Free cookies—both chocolate chip and oatmeal—make great cake and cupcake decorations. Gently nestle half of a cookie on top of a cupcake or use whole cookies to add wow to the top of a cake.


#4 – “Ice Cream” Sandwich
Goodman Gluten Free Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Cookies can make a quick and easy “ice cream” sandwich. Simply place a scoop of your favorite non-dairy ice cream onto the bottom of a cookie and top with another cookie. You may find that letting the ice cream melt to a spreadable texture is easier to work with. Then just pop the sandwiches back in the freezer to firm up.


#5 – Your Favorite Cookies
Let’s not forget the easiest way to use Goodman Gluten Free cookies in baking or meal prep. Once you’ve got the goodies in the oven, open up a package of your favorite cookies, grab your drink of choice and reward yourself for being you!


I look forward to seeing your creative cookie creations. Send pictures to my Instagram @goodmanglutenfreebakery. May the remainder of 2020 be peaceful, full of memories with family & friends and tasty treats.