Assorted 4 Angle 3 HorizHappy New Year to you and all those dear to you. I’m Bob Goodman, Founder and CEO of Goodman Gluten Free, a new gluten free baked goods company built on the belief that being careful about what you eat shouldn’t mean compromising on taste.

As the new year begins and I think about the gluten free lifestyle, a recurring thought I have is that “It’s about time …”

About time for what, you might ask. Let me take a step back, or perhaps a few steps back:

Not too many years ago buying a car meant choosing comfort or choosing fuel efficiency. You remember those days: You could buy that big, comfy, sedan that got 12 miles per gallon or that fuel efficient econobox that made sure you felt every bump in the road. But over time the auto industry got smarter. Now there are quite a few car makes and models that are both comfortable and fuel efficient. No more compromise.

Similarly, there was a time when buying luggage meant choosing between a durable bag that weighed more than what you were packing inside it or a lightweight bag you weren’t sure could survive the rough and tumble of baggage claim. Again, over time the industry got smarter. Now there is an array of luggage that is both incredibly lightweight and incredibly durable. No more compromise.

Finally, think for a minute about winter outerwear. Remember when your choices were a coat that was warm but bulky and unfashionable or a coat that looked nice but didn’t keep you warm? Once more, over time the industry got smarter. Innovators created new fabrics that enabled cold weather outerwear that delivers great warmth and leading edge fashion. Again, no more … you guessed it.

My point: As industries mature they get smarter, and they eliminate the compromises that characterized earlier years. I believe gluten free baked goods are at that stage as we enter 2016, and I hope Goodman Gluten Free is leading the charge. We’re a new brand, and not yet as big as we aspire to become. But we’re confident our deeply thought recipes and passionately baked goodies will enable you to firmly resolve: “No More Compromise.”