… was that consumers loved the idea of gluten free baked goods but didn’t love the taste.

That’s what I learned as a result of numerous interviews, focus groups and taste tests with consumers like you – and what launched me on my mission to bring you delicious Goodman Gluten Free cookies, cupcakes, muffins and bread.

I had recently retired after a 40-year career in food management and marketing. My specialty was bakery products. By popular demand I accepted a few consulting projects for baked goods manufacturers seeking to launch new brands in area supermarkets: an Israeli pita bread  manufacturer, a famous New York City bakery chain and a few others.

Now don’t get me wrong. These were excellent opportunities to keep my hand in the game. Yet the more I met with consumers seeking a healthy lifestyle the more I heard about their desire for gluten free bakery products that taste good. The issue kept coming up in my  conversations with consumers even though the products and programs I was developing for my clients were not really related to the gluten free category.  I was intrigued.

At about the same time my good friend Dr. Myron Brand, a nationally recognized gastroenterologist, asked me if I knew of any gluten free, dairy free, peanut free products his patients could eat that actually tasted good. Now I was more than intrigued.

You see, I’m a searcher. My relationships over the years brought me into contact with hundreds of leading bakers, bakeries and recipes, and I was sure that if I searched hard enough I could find gluten free baked goods that taste great. After months of persistent detective work – Voila! I discovered a small baker with some unique and very promising gluten free recipes. After some careful tweaks and taste testing followed by more tweaks and taste testing, you have Goodman Gluten Free and our “Delicious Comes to Gluten Free” products and promise.

Highly positive taste tests and additional feedback since our launch demonstrate that our products meet our taste promise. We recently exhibited at the Gluten Free Fest in Stamford CT, where we were declared the unofficial winner of best-tasting cookies and cupcakes!

We continue to increase our availability in major supermarkets including Big Y, Hannaford, Mrs. Green’s and Acme, as well as in leading independent supermarkets. Our products are also available online, with the exception of cupcakes – but I think we’ll have that figured out soon.

Look for us in the FRESH bakery section in your supermarket.  If you don’t see us ask – and  you can always find us at www.goodmanglutenfree.com